Maximise your WAREHOUSE Space with 2nd Hand Pallet Racking in Melbourne

To help you fully maximise your current space we have a wide range of Storage Solutions to choose from.

Colby Derrimut is a major distributor of Australian Made Colby Pallet Racking, and has over 30 years experience supplying and installing all types of pallet racking to businesses around Melbourne and Victoria.

Call today for a free site measure, quote, and advice on what Storage Solution is best suited to your needs.

Selective Racking

This is the most common type of Industrial racking for the below key reasons:

  • Easy access for complete accessibility to all stored pallets
  • Customisable design to meet your pallet dimensions and weights
  • Affordable new and second hand options readily available

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Drive In Racking

This is the most common type of High Density Industrial Racking for the below key reasons:

  • Up to 85% usage of available space
  • Ideal for high volume/low SKU storage needs
  • Operates on a Last In – First out basis

Double Deep Rack

Storing Pallets two rows deep is another option for high density pallet storage.

  • Higher accessibility than Drive-In with less lost aisle space than selective.
  • Requires specific reach forklift to utilize rear pallet locations.
  • Also made from affordable selective racking components.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Allows for maximum use of high room space. As aisle width is minimised, storage capacity is maximised.

  • Designed for pick face racking or a combination of pick and bulk locations.
  • Often used with Particle Board or Mesh Decks as shelving.
  • Used with Order Picker Forklifts or ‘Wave’ Pickers to allow aisles down to 900mm

Used Racking or Second Hand Pallet Racking

We buy and sell all major brands of used racking.  Give us a call to discuss  further.

Other types of Racking we can assist you with – Push Back Racking, Pallet Live Storage, Cantilever, Used Racking. We also do warehouse shelving in melbourne!