Pallet Racking Safe Working Load Signage

18 Jul 2019 Colby Office

As an employer, you must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that racking equipment and the way it is used and operated is safe for workers and others. An essential part of this is providing information for workers about the safe working loads (SWL) for pallet racking.

To do this, Safe Working Load Signs (SWLS) must be placed in visible areas and include:

  • racking manufacturer’s name, supplier’s name, and the installation date
  • working unit load limit per pallet position
  • total working unit load limit for each pallet beam level
  • total working unit load limit for each bay
  • maximum distance from the base plate level to the first beam level and maximum distance between first and second beam levels.

Colby Derrimut is able to assist in the load rating of most racking types. We also provide annual pallet racking inspections that outline any other compliance issues on site, thus helping you provide a safe place of work to your employees.

Contact us today to organise an inspection to keep your workplace safe!