Home Storage & Shelving

04 Jun 2020 Colby Office

Shelving for Garage/Home Use

At Colby Derrimut, we not only supply large businesses with Warehouse Pallet Racking solutions, but we also stock and sell a large range of shelving and storage solutions for use at home. Our second-hand pallet racking is extremely versatile, and can be used as light duty shelving as well as heavy duty pallet storage. We also supply purpose designed Industrial Longspan Shelving, with stepped beams for seamless integration with either particle board or steel mesh shelves. Our shelving solutions are a great way to clean up and organise your home shed and garage, enabling you to make better use of the available space through the use of vertical storage.

Customisable Workbenches

Pallet racking can also be used to make heavy duty workbenches for both industrial and personal use. These benches are customisable in height, depth and length depending on their intended purpose. Our workbenches can also be designed with a backing board to hang tools, notes or louvre panels for use with our extensive range of Fischer plastic products. These workbenches can also available fitted with heavy duty industrial castors, creating a mobile workstation with lockable wheels when required to be stationary. When created with second hand pallet racking, these workbenches are both a sturdy and affordable option.


Fischer Plastic Products

Our Range of Fischer plastic products is useful across your household and for your various hobbies. Whether you need to organise and store spare parts and pieces of hardware, clean up your toolbox or update your fishing tackle box and lure storage; there is a Fischer product to suit your needs. Other products include First Aid Kits, Hobby Storage Boxes, Clothes Hangers and Medical Storage boxes and tubs. These Australian made products are superior to other plastic storage products on the market, and as a major distributor Colby Derrimut are able to provide low prices in comparison to what you will find at hardware and hobby stores. Click here for our full range of Fischer Plastic Products.