Case Study – Mezzanine Floor

26 Nov 2019 Colby Office

Job Background

Our client, a spare parts supplier in Melbourne’s West, was faced with a common problem for a fledgling small businesses; their business had outgrown their existing premises. Due to increased stock requirements their storage layout could no longer meet the requirements of their business operations. When faced with this problem, businesses often believe the only option is to move to a new premises, which is a painful process often involving costly down-times and other expensive ramifications. However, the option of a Mezzanine Floor solution can quickly almost double the working area of a business, which can prevent the huge cost and headache of relocating an entire business to a new, larger and more expensive building.

Planning & Challenges

Due to the Mezzanine Floor being built above an existing shopfront and storage area, the design of the mezzanine floor had to be extremely precise as it had to work around locations of existing Shelving units, Desks and Services. This involved detailed measurements being required from every point to have the support structure not interfere with the workability of the ground floor area. The premises also had an existing Raised Storage area, meaning the height of the new raised floor had to be precise down to the millimeter.  The install itself took place outside of normal work hours so not to interrupt with the business operations, and due to being an extremely compact site care had to be taken to manoeuvre parts and MHE equipment around site. 

Finished Product

The Structural Mezzanine Floor was installed without incident and on time & budget. A Handrail system was installed around the exposed perimeter of the floor as per the Australian Standards. Because pallets were to be lifted up to the mezzanine level using a forklift, a safety pallet swing gate was also supplied and installed. Structural 25mm Plyboard flooring was fitted to allow for the storage of shelving and materials on the mezzanine level. All this resulted in an increased storage capacity for the client without affecting his ongoing operations.


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